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Beet Relish (Kuchundooria) Turkey Ingredients

1 Servings

1 beets
1 water,Boiling
1 md onion,quartered and sliced
1 cider vinegar
1 t salt

Beet Relish (Kuchundooria) Turkey Cooking Instructions

Beets prepared this way are used as a relish with meat. Wash beets thoroughly. Top the beets, leaving 1 inch of the stems to retain
color. Retain some of the stems that were cut off. Cover the beets with boiling water and cook till tender. Young beets will cook in
30-60 minutes, depending on size.

Place the cooked beets in a pan of cold water and slip off their skins. Cut the beets in quarters and
put them in a bowl or jar with one medium onion. Add cider vinegar blended with double the amount of boiled water to cover and 1
teaspoon of salt.

Serve cold as a relish with chicken or meat

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