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Thanksgiving Mushrooms Stuffing Recipe Ingredients

2 loaves bread cubed
2 egg equivalents
8 cups mushrooms slices
2 large onions chopped
5 cloves garlic chopped
6 stems celery sliced
1tbs or more poultry seasoning
1 cup dried cranberries (or more)
1 ½ cup veggie broth (approximate)
pepper (optional)

Thanksgiving Mushrooms Stuffing Recipe Cooking Instructions

Cook mushrooms, onions, garlic and celery in nonstick wok until celery tender. Add remaining . (Only add enough broth to make it
reasonable moist - not soupy) Nuke a little to check the seasoning. Adjust to your tastes.

Stuff into a casserole and bake like a custard in a larger pan of water until center firm or bake in a pumpkin which is set in a pan with about an inch of water.

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